Akarca Woven Dim Out Fabrics

Akarca have a variety of woven dim out fabics ranging from wool look to satin, but why choose dim out?

* Dim out filters light so provides shade from natural light

* It offers privacy so ideal for rooms that look onto the street

* All are available in Inherent FR Polyester so suitable for the contract market

*Can be produced as minimum 75% recycled polyester to be more eco-friendly

* If you aren't looking for total blackout, woven dim out is a good light reducing alternative as it has a softer drape to coated blackout

* Tightly woven dim out fabric can potentially help rooms retain some heat in winter, as well as keeping rooms cool in summer.

Please contact us if these are of interest to you, we're happy to provide further information and answer any of your questions.

You can learn more about Akarca here

  • Wool Look FR Poly Dim Out

  • Slub Look Polycotton Dim Out

  • Melange Effect Basket Weave FR Poly Dim Out

  • Satin FR Poly Dim Out